Monday, January 30, 2012

Lesson #91: Riesling-Poached Pear Sorbet

I found a new book with ice cream and sorbet recipes last week, so I let my husband look through it to pick out some new recipes since he is the ice cream lover in the house. The book is divided by season (depending on what fruits are readily available) so we checked out the winter section of the book first. Here's the result of the first recipe we tried out!

The sorbet is super fruity and refreshing. When you eat a spoonful, you are first taste the pear flavor which is followed by the sweet bite of the Riesling wine. Warning: this sorbet disappeared fast in our home! Here's a picture of the spoonful I ate :)

LESSON LEARNED: Poaching pears in wine, then blending with sugar and water creates a delicious sorbet!

Recipe for Riesling-Poached Pear Sorbet

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