Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lesson #84: Cloverleaf Rolls

I brought these adorable rolls last week to my parent's house. My dad LOVES bread (seriously, he would eat an entire loaf of french bread in a day!), so I try to bring some homemade bread every time I visit. It gives me a great excuse to try new bread recipes and it's almost just a bonus to have the actual bread at the end of baking because I love the smell of freshly baked bread in the house.

This recipe isn't too hard to make. It doesn't require an overnight rising or using a bread starter. First, you mix up and knead the dough, let it rise for about an hour, divide the dough into lots of little balls, stick 3 balls in a muffin tin, let the bread rise again, and bake. These rolls are super SOFT and FLUFFY and I love how they pull apart once they are baked!

If you haven't made homemade bread before, this would be a good recipe to try. I started making bread about 2 years ago. I was going to one of my friend's house for dinner and thought I would give it a shot. The rolls turned out great and it got me excited to try other recipes.

LESSON LEARNED: I like baking bread for the smell - especially when I can share the results with other people!

Recipe for Cloverleaf Rolls

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