Friday, January 13, 2012

Lesson #82: Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Happy Friday! I've saved this post for the perfect winter day. I started off in Toledo this morning (where there was no snow, but LOTS of wind) and drove east to the Cleveland suburbs (where there was lots of snow AND lots of wind). The roads didn't get bad until I entered the county where I live. Go figure! I turn into our subdivision which had 6 inches of un-plowed snow on the road as I hear on the radio that the wind chill was 0 degrees. Then, I see the kindergarteners waiting for their afternoon bus :( Those poor kids!

This would be the perfect day to stay in, sip a warm beverage, and bake some cookies! Here's my version of snowflake cut out cookies. I rolled and cut out my favorite recipe for sugar cookies and decorated them with blue royal icing and silver sprinkles.

LESSON LEARNED: Winter days are best spent baking cookies and not driving across the state of Ohio!

Recipe for My Favorite Cutout Sugar Cookie

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