Friday, April 13, 2012

Lesson #126: Mini Banana Cream Pies

One of my dad's favorite desserts is banana cream pie. He likes it so much that he asked if I could make it for Easter lunch. Instead of making a big pie, I decided to bake individual pies in mini mason jars. They were easy to grab and less messy than cutting into a pie to serve individual pieces. That's a big plus when you are hosting family events!

The custard recipe is my grandma's recipe. It's widely agreed upon in my family that this custard tastes the best. I've tried out other custard recipes and they don't measure up to this one! Plus, I have great memories of my grandma teaching me to make pies in her kitchen, so this recipe is extra special to me.

LESSON LEARNED: Bake the pie crust right in the mason jar - they will not break in the oven.

Recipe for Mini Banana Cream Pies

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