Friday, January 6, 2012

Lesson #77: Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream

In this recipe two of my favorite desserts are combined: chocolate chip cookies and ice cream! You typically see ice creams that have cookie dough swirled throughout the batter, but this ice cream is different. The ice cream custard tastes like cookie dough even through it doesn't have pieces of cookie dough in it.

You'll see from the picture that the ice cream has more of a golden brown color compared to an off white color of my typical ice creams. This is because both brown sugar and molasses are incorporated into the ice cream custard. When I first tasted the custard (after it was cooked, but before it was churned into ice cream), I thought it tasted too much like molasses. But after churning it and freezing it for a few hours, the molasses flavor really mellowed out and it tasted EXACTLY like cookie dough. Yum!

LESSON LEARNED: This ice cream tastes like cookie dough without any pieces of cookie dough in it!

Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream

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