Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lesson #86: Cream Cheese Ice Cream

It seems like we have an ongoing supply of ice cream at our house. I tend to make small batches because I like to have a spoonful or two of an ice cream and then experiment by making another flavor. Here's the latest flavor: cream cheese ice cream.

This sounds different, right? That's exactly why I picked it out of one of my dessert cookbooks. I really wanted to make a balsamic ice cream, but my husband was a little weary. I envisioned a balsamic ice cream with fresh strawberry sauce, but I'll probably wait until spring when strawberries are in season :)

Back to the current ice cream...not surprisingly, this tastes exactly like cream cheese! It's a little more work to scoop out this ice cream because it gets super firm in the freezer (I imagine this is because cream cheese contains all sorts of stabilizers which make it firm). I think this would be a great component on a plated dessert because a little of this ice cream goes a long way. I drizzled my dish with some homemade caramel sauce. If you're in adventurous mood for ice cream, give this recipe a try!

LESSON LEARNED: Cream cheese ice is harder to scoop than typical ice cream.

Recipe for Cream Cheese Ice Cream

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