Monday, December 12, 2011

Lesson #60: Apple Brown Betty

I've never had apple brown betty, so when I saw this recipe in my America's Test Kitchen cookbook, I thought I would give it a shot. From what I understand, this dessert was pretty popular years ago. When I asked my mom about this, she said that my grandma used to make it all the time.

As far as desserts go, this is a relatively healthy dessert. There's not too much added sugar or butter. My husband described it as an applesauce with a crunchy topping  and I think that's pretty accurate. This would be amazing as an ice cream (less healthy) or yogurt (more healthy) topping. In any case, it was pretty simple to make since you sauce the apples in a skillet on the stove top. I was feeling super speedy the day I made it and finished under 20 minutes :)

LESSON LEARNED: This recipe is a blast from the past!

Recipe for Apple Brown Betty

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