Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lesson #18: Mini Spiced Pumpkins

These little cakes are absolutely ADORABLE! They look just like little pumpkins, right? I happened to have a mini Bundt pan from a few years ago...from a few failed attempts at making a homemade angel food cake...the texture never seemed the same as the box or store bought versions :(. I've decided this pan is re-purposed for these little cakes.

The cake itself is a moist spice cake, and when you bite into it, you taste cinnamon and nutmeg which reminds you of all the WONDERFUL Fall flavors. The cakes are frosted with a simple powdered sugar glaze (tinted orange, of course!) which forms a nice sugary layer on the outside. Finally, they are decorated with a piece of black licorice for a "pumpkin stem".

I shared them with my morning class this week and the students seemed to enjoy them!

LESSON LEARNED: It's fun to think creatively about how to re-purpose baking dishes!

Recipe for Mini Spiced Pumpkins

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