Friday, October 7, 2011

Lesson #22: Sticky Toffee Banana Cake

This cake sounded perfect to make the other day when it was cold and rainy. Now that it's sunny and warm for a few days, this cake still sounds good! You could easily substitute any flavor of cake and jazz it up with this quick toffee sauce.

This cake has TONS of banana flavor and reminds me of a lighter and fluffier version of banana bread. While the cake is baking, you make a quick toffee sauce (no candy thermometer needed) and pour some of the sauce on the cake during the last few minutes of baking. Then, when you are ready to serve the cake, it's topped off with even more toffee sauce. Enjoy!

LESSON LEARNED: A quick sauce can really transform a cake!

Recipe for Sticky Toffee Banana Cake

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