Friday, February 3, 2012

Lesson #94: Cranberry Granola

A typical breakfast or snack in our house is yogurt with granola and fresh fruit. I like it because it's relatively healthy and you can mix up the flavors pretty easily by choosing different fruits or granola. Last time I needed granola, I was in the store and it occurred to me that it was probably easy to make homemade granola and it was probably a lot cheaper too. So, I did some research on some of my favorite food blogs and came up with a base recipe. Surprisingly, I had all the ingredients I needed (except applesauce which I make in the fall), so it's a pretty convenient recipe too.

Now that I've made granola once, I won't go back to store bought again! The granola is a little spicy from cinnamon & ground ginger, pleasantly sweet from a touch of honey and brown sugar, and fruity from the applesauce and dried cranberries. DELICIOUS! 

LESSON LEARNED: Homemade granola is easy to make and tastes better too!

Recipe for Cranberry Granola

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