Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lesson #93: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Hot Fudge

I had a craving the other day for vanilla bean ice cream layered with hot fudge sauce. I think it was because I was still getting over a sinus infection and this dessert sounded really comforting to me. Luckily, my husband was around, so he became my sous chef and tackled all the tricky parts of this recipe (or at least the parts that I didn't have the energy to chopping a ton of chocolate!).

This new ice cream recipe is interesting because it contains no eggs like my traditional ice cream base. Instead, cornstarch and cream cheese is used to thicken it. The end result was AMAZING! It tasted very similar to premium quality store bought ice cream (you know, the pints that have cute and funny names!). Since the entire book uses this ice cream base, we are excited to try the other flavors!

 LESSON LEARNED: Cornstarch and cream cheese works well to thicken an ice cream base.

Recipe for Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Hot Fudge

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