Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lesson #9: Roasted Apple Cupcakes with Apple-Cinnamon Frosting

Over the last few weeks I've made a ton of baked goods to send to a bridal shower in Wisconsin. The last thing on the menu was an apple cupcake. We just started to get locally grown apples at the grocery store, so I was super excited to come up with a recipe! First, I decided to roast the apples in the oven to make sure they cooked in enough time since I was making mini cupcakes. Who wants crunchy apples in a cupcake? :)

As I was making the cupcakes, I was deciding which type of frosting would go best with these cupcakes. At first, I thought I would make a caramel buttercream, but I noticed that when I roasted the apples, they released some of their juices which created an apple syrup. I thought that would be the perfect addition to the frosting and - viola - I came up with apple-cinnamon frosting!

These cupcakes have a rich, buttery taste with diced cinnamon apples. The frosting is wonderfully light and fluffy and flavored with the liquid from the roasted apples. They are super yummy!

LESSON LEARNED: Apple-cinnamon syrup makes an awesome addition to frosting!

 Recipe for Roasted Apple Cupcakes with Apple-Cinnamon Frosting

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