Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lesson #3: Cinnamon French Toast Cupcakes

On Friday, I decided to surprise my husband by making French toast for breakfast. We had some leftover sourdough bread from the week (I've been making my own sourdough starter for the last three weeks by "feeding and watering" it everyday....but that's story for another post!), so I cut into pretty thick slices, dunked into into my egg/milk/brown sugar batter, and sauteed it in some butter. Well, I think I cut the slices too thick and the egg didn't soak into the bread, so it didn't quite turn out. It was a poor excuse for French toast.

Later that day, I thought I could redeem my baking skills for the day and transform my French toast Flavors into a cupcake. The end result was a cinnamon cupcake with a sweet (yet slightly tangy) maple cream cheese frosting. They were WAY better than my first attempt and, honestly, who wouldn't want to eat a cupcake for breakfast?

LESSON LEARNED: Cinnamon french toast is a yummy cupcake flavor!

Recipe for Cinnamon French Toast Cupcakes

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