Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lesson #16: Sweet Wine & Lavender Shortbread

This recipe caught my eye because the combination of lavender and sweet wine in a cookie is something I have not seen before. I was curious about how these flavors would taste together, so I decided to make these cookies. I'm always up for trying new things and was positively surprised by the results!

First, I made a lavender scented sugar by combining lavender leaves (which I purchased at World Market) and sugar in an airtight container. I let this sugar mixture "hang out" for a week and I was ready to go. When I was ready to make the cookies, I opened up a bottle of Reisling (a sweet white wine) and I was all set to make these cookies!

These buttery cookies have a sweet floral flavor from the wine and lavender. I rolled the unbaked cookies in turbinado sugar to give them a little texture and extra sweetness. These cookies are PERFECT with a mug of hot tea or coffee (OK, they are pretty good with the leftover wine from the recipe too)!

LESSON LEARNED: Sometimes seemingly "odd" combinations of ingredients work well together!

Recipe for Sweet Wine & Lavender Shortbread

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