Friday, June 29, 2012

Lesson #146: Raspberry Sorbet

WHEW! It's been hot the last few days. So hot in fact that it was TOO hot to walk to the nearest local ice cream place. It's a good thing I had this sorbet in my freezer. :)

It's the time of year that raspberries are just starting to come in season and they taste amazing. Once you get tired of eating raspberries straight from the bush (or container!), I would suggest this recipe. It embodies all the magnificent attributes of raspberries - sweet, yet tart - into a cool summer dessert.

 LESSON LEARNED: This recipe calls for a tiny amount of pectin to help the sorbet hold it's shape once it's scooped into bowls. If you don't mind melty sorbet, you could leave it out.

Recipe for Raspberry Sorbet

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