Monday, June 18, 2012

Lesson #142: Funfetti Cookies

I started teaching a summer class of Introduction to Psychology last week and I wanted to make my students a treat to bring into class. I decided on these cute cookies because they are DELICIOUS and look like a lot of fun. Really, how could you go wrong with adding sprinkles to cookies?

They are basically a sugar cookie with almond extract and sprinkles in the batter. I made them into teaspoon sized balls so they were the perfect snack size. I bought in a few dozen to class and the container was empty by the end of class. That's the way to spice up lectures on research methods in psychology! :)

LESSON LEARNED: Bake these cookies a little underdone and they will firm up as they set. The result is a cakey, soft cookie.

Recipe for Funfetti Cookies

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