Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lesson #109: Triple Chocolate Layer Cake

After my last attempt at making a layer cake, I decided to try again. I would not be defeated by a simple layer cake! This time, I decided to make a tripe chocolate layer cake: dark chocolate cake, milk chocolate filling, and white chocolate buttercream. Could you tell that I was craving chocolate that day?

Since my husband and I didn't need a whole cake, I decided to half the cake recipe but use the full filling and frosting recipes. I ended up with two 6 inch cakes instead of two 9 inch cakes and A TON of frosting and filling. Just FYI, this is still too much cake for two people! I froze slices of cake until I can give it away to friends and family in Toledo.

I think it was a huge improvement from last time! Hurray!

LESSON LEARNED: The filling needs ample time to set up in the refrigerator. I didn't wait long enough and some of the filling spilled out of the cake. It still tasted good though!

Recipe for Triple Chocolate Layer Cake

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