Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lesson #113: Shamrock Shake

I've been seeing commercials for Shamrock milkshakes, so I thought I would make one at home. You could definitely start with a store bought ice cream and blend it with peppermint extract, green food coloring, and milk. I decided to go the homemade route by making a fresh mint ice cream (with no extract!), hot fudge sauce, and freshly whipped cream. I did add a touch of green food coloring so it would be pretty for the picture and look more like the one on TV.

I would describe the flavor as an earthly mint instead of a "hit you in the face" mint found in extracts. To me, it tasted fresh and clean, but my husband still prefers the extract. The milkshake would be equally YUMMY either way you make it!

LESSON LEARNED: Looking for the correct ratio of ice cream to milk? I've found that if you use 2 parts ice cream to 1 part milk, the result is a creamy and thick milkshake.

Recipe for Shamrock Shake

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