Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lesson #118: Baked Apple Dumplings

For one week during the summer, you will find me working at my brother's concession stand at our local county fair. One of the biggest sellers are apple dumplings. Because of certain restrictions on what they are allowed to sell, the ones we use are frozen from a large chain store. They are OK (but nothing to get excited about if you are a foodie), so I decided to make my own version. These are heads and tails above the ones we sell at the fair. :)

Golden delicious apples are cut in half horizontally and stuffed with butter and raisins. The apples are wrapped around a pillow-y buttermilk biscuit dough which is sprinkled liberally with cinnamon & sugar. The apples are perfectly tender and surrounded by a soft tangy and slightly sweet dough. I would recommend making these just because they make your house smell WONDERFUL!

LESSON LEARNED: To make these fancy enough to serve to guests (or just yourself), drizzle a little caramel or butterscotch syrup on the plate.

Recipe for Baked Apple Dumplings

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